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The Kingdom of the Gods - Geoffrey Hodson

Kingdom of the Gods

The successful study of the subject of the Angelic Hosts restores to its essential monotheism every apparently polytheistic religion. At the heart of every great World Faith is the concept of an Absolute, Unknowable, Infinite and Unchanging Source and Foundation. From this, at regular intervals, emanates the potentiality of divine Ideation as the purest abstraction. This is the reality behind the One God, however formalized, of all religions and especially of the esotericism of the Ancient Mysteries. At this stage in the process of emanation from the Absolute, unity alone exists. Contents: Foundations: definition of terms, creative processes, man the microcosm; Descriptions: Concerning the Gods; Earth's Angelic hierarchies, Color language of the Angels; The Sephiroth; Sephirothal Tree, Auric Tree of Life, Ten Sephiroth; Cooperation.

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