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Letters of HPB to A.P. Sinnett - compiled by a A T Barker


COMPILER’S PREFACE The letters here presented to the reader, written by the Founder of the Theosophical Society between the years 1880-1888, are intended toform a companion volume to the recently published Mahatma Letters and should be read in conjunction with that work.

They have been transcribed direct from the originals and without omission except for the occasional deletion of a name where-ever for obvious reasons itwas absolutely necessary to do so. Contrary to the method employed in The Mahatma Letters, the compiler has permitted himself to correct obvious errors of spelling and punctuation, as these were too numerous to ignore, and no useful purpose could be served by leaving them unedited.

Here and there in the text a word appears in square brackets. This always indicates that the word is either superfluous, or has been added by thecompiler to make the sentence comprehensible. It should beunderstood that all footnotes are part of the original letters, unlesssigned “Ed.,” in which case they have been added by the compiler. With these necessary exceptionsthe letters are presented to the reader, as already stated, unaltered.

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