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The Seven Veils over Consciousness

The Seven Veils over Consciousness

This thesis contains many statements which by their very nature cannot be proved. Nevertheless, I consider it is my most original contribution to Theosophical knowledge. I realize that very few will understand it, but I desire to put it on record as what I have thought and lived for over forty years.

During the last four decades, a great development has taken place in our Theosophical -conceptions, due to an emphasis laid upon the idea of the Monad. The Monad is mentioned in many places in The Secret Doctrine. But the emphasis laid on the Monad by Dr. Besant in her A Study in Consciousness is one of the most valuable contributions to Theosophical knowledge. More and more, then, we are learning in our studies to look at the problem of the evolution of an individual less from. the standpoint of the Ego in the causal body·and more from that of the Monad.

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