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Some Observations in the Study of the Secret Doctrine - B. P. Wadia


The Secret Doctrine, when correctly studied, produces a definite change in those who study it. The specific method which has been employed in writing the book brings out a particular kind of faculty of spiritual perception. That faculty is the penetrative quality of the mind; that aspect of mind which has for its nature the quality of penetration into any subject which is being studied.

Naturally this faculty does not appear instantaneously—its development takes time; neither will the occasional perusal of the book, nor the attendance of a study-class once a week, bring this faculty to light. But if the student takes The Secret Doctrine as his/her book of individual study, and gives to it one half hour of his time every day at regular hour, great results can be brought about. It such a course be pursued, the mind, because of the law of automatic action, will begin to operate, will commence to respond to the vibrations that are raised by the study of this book, so that when the hour of the weekly class arrives, the faculty is brought to it sharpened in some measure by the daily effort, and much more keenly sensitive than would have been possible without this daily work.

B Wadia

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