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Our Potential For Change - Dorothy Bell

Video: Our Potential For Change by Dorothy Bell

Dorothy Bell, international lecturer from Australia on Our Potential For Change. Teachings from the ancient wisdom tradition place us beyond a unitised personality-living-one-lifetime into a higher identity and purpose. Our bigger contect is a sacred journey of evolution, a pilgrimage of the soul returning to its Source in full Self-Realisation through innumerable lifetimes of learning experiences. This bigger picture of identity describes our evolutionary journey in consciousness, marked by specific developmental stages and levels.

In our present New Age time-zone, the human life wave is at a critical turning point in this journey. What is the nature of this turning point - from 'what' to 'what'?  Why are so few moved to take the steep and thorny path of self-transformation?  What limits or enhances the potential for change?  These questions - and others are explored in this presentation. 

Recorded at the New Zealand Convention in 2014.