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Quotes on Theosophy


Quotes on theosophical teaching and study. From Illuminations of the Mystery Traditions by Geoffrey Hodson.


Theosophical study is not valuable for the information it provides alone, but for its enrichment of consciousness.


The two great gifts which Theosophy bestows are first, the knowledge of immortality, and second, the certainty of the attainment of perfection. With this in mind, the student can both endure all things and achieve all things.


Our work is to teach the world theosophy, to lift the mind of man from the unreal to the real, to lead man to his own divine greatness, splendour, and destiny, to bring purpose, intelligence, and confidence into the lives of a purposeless, blind, and fearful humanity. The pen, the voice, the life: these are the means. The pen writes, the voice speaks, and the life exemplifies Theosophy; these act from those still regions where truth abides.


Teaching is the true work of our Society, the purpose for which it came into existence. What the world needs is a sane and vital presentation of the Ancient Wisdom.


Most expositions of Theosophy, despite their enunciation of root principles, are shallow because they don’t touch the springs of human life and experience, and are not addressed to the human heart.


The ideal teacher does not talk at or to people – he thinks with them.