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The Song of Freedom

The Song of Freedom

I am not the body that has served me for so long.

I am the Spiritual Self of Light.


I am not the emotional nature that has caused such sorrow.

I am the Spiritual Self of Love.


I am not the mind that has entangled me with its goals.

I am the Spiritual Self of Light and Love and Power.


For I am

a manifestation of the Eternal, Ever-present, Ever-loving God,

a Radiant Child of the Most High,

a Ray of the Pure Light of the Golden Sun that never sets.

I am a spark of the One Flame that lasts throughout Eternity,

the Immortal and Ever-Youthful Dweller in the body,

the Birthless, Deathless, Blissful, Ever-glorious Soul.


I walk forward into the Heart of Love,

to be enveloped in an ever increasing tide of Glory.

I will become One with that mighty ocean of Love which flows

endlessly throughout the Cosmos.


I walk Joyfully into the Light and become the Light,

the Pure Light that streams from the One Ever-Stainless Source.

I enter the Radiant Heart of Light and Love

and find the Peace that passeth understanding.


For I am

a Child of the Universe, ever-one with the Father, the One Alone.

My Spiritual Self is identical

with the Eternal Immortal Spiritual Self of the Universe,

for the Solar Logos is not someone else.


Becoming aware of Oneness with Him, the Glorious waves of Bliss

will blaze forth within and around me and my Destiny will be fulfilled.


May the Peace and Love and Blessing of the Holy Ones

Flow to All Beings.


by John Sell