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A Simplified Course of Raja Yoga

A simplified course of Raja Yoga by Wallace Slater

This simplified course of Raja Yoga is based on the author's experience in its practice under personal tuition and with the benefit of a wide study of yogic literature.  The books on the subject go into great detail about the philosophy of yoga.  Many are just commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, but they do not give detailed instructions in lesson form.  There was, therefore, a need for a graded practical course for the guidance of those unable to have personal tuition.  The book can be one's teacher, the instructions being given in the form of "do this," rather than as vague suggestions.

The course has been planned to take ten months, doing one lesson a month.  At this rate, and going lesson by lesson, the reader will absorb the spirit and practice of Raja Yoga with its great benefits almost imperceptibly.   Account has been taken of the person who has a minimum of time to devote to the subject but still wants to take advantage of its benefits and to know how it may be fitted into a daily routine.

Attention is called to the companion book A simplified Course of Hatha Yoga. That form of yoga is concerned with the control of the physical body.   Raja Yoga is directed towards the control of the mind.  Both practices are of value and one may begin with either according to natural inclination.  It is said that all forms of yoga begin with Hata and end with Raga.

V. W Slater

This course was made available through The Theosophical Society in America.


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