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A Zen Practice for Enlightenment - John Cianciosi

 John Cianciosi

The Ten Ox Herding Pictures are a series of images with accompanying poems, and are among the most beloved pictures in Zen Buddhism. They have been the source of endless commentary and inspiration in Zen since at least the 12th century. These ox herding images are emblematic of the spiritual path to enlightenment. Each image represents a phase of the practice, beginning with a seeker looking for the mind, represented by the ox, and trying to realize an enlightened mind. He then searches for the ox, finds it, and struggles with it. He traps it, tames it, and rides away serenely on it, until there is complete emptiness. We will explore the 10 Ox Herding Pictures and discuss how to use them on the path of enlightenment.

Presented on September 21, 2017