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In this book the author endeavours to present an outline of Occult Science divorced from all sectarianism and the differing opinions of the various schools.

It is written for the general pubic at a time (1935), when vast numbers of people are assailed with doubts and confronted with problems which appear to have no satisfactory solution. 

Cyril Scott

There is a group of books, anonymously and pseudonymously published which excited enormous interest in the 1920s and ‘30s and exerts unexpected influence now. First comes, The Initiate, Some Impressions of a Great Soul (1920), followed by The Initiate in the New World (1927) and The Initiate in the Dark Cycle (1932), all presented as “by His Pupil.”

Ebook - The Initiate in the Dark Cycle by Cyril Scott

The third volume in the series takes up where The Initiate and The Initiate in the New World leave off, providing more insights into the mysterious Adept known as Justin Moreward Haig. At first, we think that "the dark cycle" relates to the group of students left to their own devices when Justin Moreward Haid disappears for a time.

Ebook - The Initiate in the New World by Cyril Scott

Written as a sequel to The Initiate, the Pupil, as Scott called himself, reconnects with his master, Justin Moreward Haig, after not seeing him for many years. Scott is invited to leave London to stay in Boston, where Justin Moreward Haig is teaching about thirty other students.

Ebook - The Initiate by his Pupil

The book is divided into two parts: an anthology entitled "Justin Morewood Haig" and describing a mysterious person identified only by that pseudonym through a series of anecdotal stories, and a parable illustrating certain principles of occult philosophy entitled “The Circuitous Journey.”

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