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A place or state of bliss or happiness. Every religion teaches some kind of heaven during the after-death state or a state of consciousness even during one’s life. Thus, St. Paul spoke of himself as having entered into the “third heaven” while still living. The particulars of the teaching of heaven, however, differ widely.

Life After Death

Theosophy teaches that after a person dies, the Ego and its non-physical bodies undergo a process consisting of multiple stages before reincarnating. The process may be very brief (as in young children or cases of premature death) or it can be as long as 3,000 years. Theosophical literature, particularly the Mahatma Letters, has extensive teachings about the after-death states, some of which…

When We Die

The question of “What happens when we die?” is one which the vast majority of people have and especially so as their own life begins to draw to an end or when a family member or loved one dies.

There are of course many different and contradictory ideas, theories, opinions, beliefs, and teachings about what happens to a person after the death of their physical body. There are even some…

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