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The Technique of the Spiritual Life by Clara Codd

Clara Codd begins The Technique of the Spiritual Life with an overview of human nature and the "field" of becoming. She then explores preparation of the Way, addressing the powers of will, body, emotions and mind. A lengthy section on the "ancient and eternal Way," explored elements of spiritual consciousness. Her final sections address method and include meditation instructions. Each course…

Jiddu Krishnamurti talking on "What is a Spiritual Life"


A religious life, not all the religions, not the monks and all that. They are not religious. I know they would abhor me when I say that. I will show it to you logically why it is not. It is all put together by thought. The invention of god is put there by thought. It is simple. All this is clear when you understand the activity of thought.

Video: Search Of A Genuine Spiritual Practice

Juliana Cesano shares the many paths, books, and methods that are available today promise the key to happiness and the achievement of everything we want, but not necessarily a genuine spiritual unfoldment. How can we distinguish between a practice of value and one that is mere entertainment? By exploring the teachings of the ancient wisdom tradition we can develop an authentic everyday…

Guidelines For A Spiritual Life - Audio records of seminar by Joy Mills

Guidelines for a Spiritual Life is a series of 5 presentations given by Joy Mills while in New Zealand.  Below are each of the 5 presentations.

  1. Guidelines for a Spiritual Life - Part 1 The Pilgrim Life
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