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Literally, Sons of Mind. They are said to have given mind to the human race during the Third Root Race. It is an inclusive term to denote those advanced beings that Helena P. Blavatsky indicated had incarnated on this globe to advance the human race. They are referred to by many different names in Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine; these are:

AGNISHVATTAS, AGNISHVATTA Pitris; DHYĀNIS; Fire Dhyānis; Gods of Will; Holy Ascetics; Holy Virgin-Born; Holy Sons; Holy Yogis; Incorporeal Pitis; Kumāris; Lhas (T); Lords of the Flame; Lords of Wisdom; Mānasas; Mānasa Dhyånis; Mānasaputras; Mānasvin; Mind-Born Sons; Solar Ancestors; Solar Angels; Solar Devas; Solar Fathers; Solar Lhas (T); Solar Pitis; Sons of Fire; Sons of Wisdom; Sons of Mahat; Sons of Manas; Sons of Mind; Vairājas; Virgin Ascetics.

Geoffrey A. Barborka, in his book The Divine Plan (T.P.H. Madras, 1964, p. 134) suggests that these various names are used to emphasize the different aspect of the teaching about these beings. He points out that these can be grouped into three broad categories as:

(1) The Manas stresses the awakening of the Mind principle.

(2) The Agnishvātta stresses the evolutionary phase.

(3) The Kumāra aspect is the phase of enlightenment by direct assistance by incarnation into the human race during the First, Second and part of the Third Root Races.

See also Pitris.


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