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Occult Commentaries - CW Leadbeter, GS Arundale & C Jinarajadasa

Occult Commentaries -by CW Leadbeater, GS Arundal & C Jinarajadasa

Phoebe Bendit

Phoebe Payne Bendit was a noted clairvoyant and, with her husband, the psychiatrist Laurence J. Bendit, a medical researcher. The Bendits were long-time members of the Theosophical Society.

The Sleeping Prophet - Edgar Cayce

For more than forty years, the "Sleeping Prophet" closed his eyes, entered into an altered state of consciousness, and spoke to the very heart and spirit of humankind on subjects such as health, healing, dreams, prophecy, meditation, and reincarnation.

Clairvoyance and the Serpent Fire by Geoffrey Hodson


Great value is to be found in this little pamphlet by Mr. Geoffrey Hodson, value in three categories. Firstly, not much information on Kundalini and its inherent awakening power has been openly given to the world, for there are infinite dangers in its misuse and misdirected development. Therefore, this brief treatise affords an interesting…

Gifted Clairvoyant of the Invisible Worlds

Geoffrey Hodson developed these powers to a remarkable degree and all his talents were devoted to helping forward humanity at large. At no time did he seek monetary compensation for any of his clairvoyant work in healing or research. By working with accredited scientists, he not only provided valuable insights and knowledge but to a large extent validated the faculty of clairvoyance as a…

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