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Theosophy World is a collection of Theosophical resources available for those researching a specific topic, wanting to find information, how to get information or for those wishing to put together programmes, presentations or contact people who are doing work in these areas. The intention is to make material available on this website and easily accessed through several means.



Juliana Cesano shares the many paths, books, and methods that are available today promise the key to happiness and the achievement of everything we want, but not necessarily a genuine spiritual unfoldment. How can we distinguish between a practice of value and one that is mere entertainment? By exploring the teachings of the ancient wisdom tradition we can develop an authentic everyday practice for ourselves.

Applied Theosophy – The Pivotal Factor for the 21st Century – Vic Hao Chin Jr.

The aim of the Theosophical Society is to help bring about individual and social transformation. Such a transformation cannot be achieved by providing ideas alone. Applications of such ideas much first be demonstrated to be practicable. In the past 140 years, the Theosophical Society has developed a powerful body of ideas. Now, we must seek to strengthen the domain of practice based on these ideas.


Dorothy Bell, international lecturer from Australia on Our Potential For Change. Teachings from the ancient wisdom tradition place us beyond a unitised personality-living-one-lifetime into a higher identity and purpose. Our bigger contect is a sacred journey of evolution, a pilgrimage of the soul returning to its Source in full Self-Realisation through innumerable lifetimes of learning experiences. This bigger picture of identity describes our evolutionary journey in consciousness, marked by specific developmental stages and levels.

In our present New Age time-zone, the human life wave is at a critical turning point in this journey. What is the nature of this turning point - from 'what' to 'what'?  Why are so few moved to take the steep and thorny path of self-transformation?  What limits or enhances the potential for change?  These questions - and others are explored in this presentation. 

Self Realization: In The Present | Victoria Mahdion

In the age of the selfie, where does self realization have its place? Victoria Mahdion draws from her experience as a yogi, raw vegan, and professional dancer to explore how our perception toward social media, a healthy dietary regime, and fulfilling our life's work can either expand, or hinder our potential as a self-realized being in the present. As a strong advocate for vibrant raw living,

Victoria started her first business, Ultimate Produce Organic Co-op, delivering the best Californian produce to her members to helping them nourish themselves. Victoria is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who is currently a raw food vegan chef, established performing arts instructor & choreographer, and yogi. The key ingredient to her recipe for success, of course, is her passion for health and wellbeing. One of her biggest values involves serving as a strong role model for her students and peers, which she does by placing importance on confidence and self-acceptance into everything she does. Her goal is to improve people’s health and wellbeing which she reaches through workshops, choreography, and masterclasses.

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