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Sri Ram

Theosophy is a wisdom that is based on truth, but this truth is manifold—it has several layers, one within the other. One might call it “the totality of truth with regard to man, life and the universe.” If our actions, thoughts, feelings, responses are all in harmony with the nature of this totality, then we are wise. One might say this is a very large or tall order. How are we to come to such…

 Mr Vicente Hao Chin

2014 International Convention

Title: ‘A Vision to Go Mainstream’

Speaker: Mr Vicente Hao Chin, Jr., Former General Secretary, Philippine Section, The Theosophical Society


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The Idyll of the White Lotus

There are three truths which are absolute, and which cannot be lost, but yet may remain silent for lack of speech.


What Is Theosophy And What Is Not? by Geoffrey Farthing

There is common confusion between Theosophy and the Theosophical Society. We dealt with the Theosophical Society and its Objects in the previous article (go to article). Within the Society, which in its Objects let it be remembered does not mention Theosophy; there are widely divergent and strongly held views about it.

There is no religion higher than truth

It is no exaggeration to say that there never was – during the present century, at any rate – a movement, social or religious, so terribly, nay, so absurdly misunderstood, or more blundered about than THEOSOPHY – whether regarded theoretically as a code of ethics, or practically, in its objective expression, i.e., the Society known by that name.

What is Theosophy
THIS question has been so often asked, and misconception so widely prevails, that the editors of a journal devoted to an exposition of the world's Theosophy would be remiss were its first number issued without coming to a full understanding with their readers.
The Theosophical Society Emblem

This leaflet is intended as resource material for Theosophical Branches. It is available in Microsoft Word format so that your own branch contact details can be added and provided to people interested in this topic. Anyone, however is welcome to download this document.

The Dharma of the Theosophical Society by Linda Oliveria

A presention by Linda Oliveira:  The word ‘dharma’ is rich and profound suggesting, among other things, an ideal state which contains within it

Getting to the Heart of the Matter by Dorothy Bell

Dorothy Bell explores in context of the theme of the Conference, Exploring the Why of Theosophy, it is timely to review the ‘teaching of the teachings’, the instructional methods of the late 19th century that the Society adopted in its beginnings – which were of its time and

Three Special Days Celebrated In The Theosophical Society's Calendar

There are several special days celebrated in the Theosophcial Society's calendar. These are Adyar Day, White Lotus Day and Founder Day. The reason for them being especially called out are described below.

Freedom of Society Resolution

The Theosophical Society, while cooperating with all other bodies whose aims and activities make such cooperation possible, is and must remain an organisation entirely independent of them, not committed to any objects save its own, and intent on developing its own work on the broadest and most inclusive lines, so as to move towards its own goal as indicated in and by the pursuit of those…

Freedom Of Thought Resolution

To ensure the rights of the membership in regards to the questions of democracy and freedom of thought, the General Council of the Theosophical Society (Adyar) passed the following resolution in 1924:

Theosophical Worldview

The Theosophical Society, while reserving for each member full freedom to interpret those teachings known as Theosophy, is dedicated to preserving and realizing the ageless wisdom, which embodies both a worldview and a vision of human self-transformation.

This tradition is founded upon certain fundamental propositions:

·  …

Keeping the Flame Alive by Linda Oliveira

ur society completed an extraordinary century and a quarter of existence on 17th November 2000, a milestone of no small import. Milestones may be disregarded by some as belonging to a world dominated by parameters such as time. However, they can be a most valuable juncture for an organisation such as ours to assess its worth and integrity, its inherent usefulness or otherwise in the world and…

The Public Work Of The Theosophical Society by Pablo Sender

For many years after the Theosophical Society was founded, the TS was one of very few spiritual options to traditional religions, especially in the West. But today there are thousands of organisations promoting what we can loosely call ‘spirituality’. What is the role of the TS in the midst of this wealth of offerings? Is it still relevant? Does it have anything unique to offer?

Mainstreaming Theosophy by Vic Hao Chin

The Theosophical Society has been around for 139 years. But its growth as an organisation has been relatively stagnant in the past more than half a century. Its membership has been declining since 1928 when it had a peak membership of 45,000, down to about 26,000 today. Since 1928, world population has increased three and a half times.

What is the TS View on Homosexuality

The Theosophical Society, as far as I am aware, has no view on this subject, however it is one worth exploring and I present some ideas below in this direction.

Theosophical Centres

Retreat Centres around the World

There are various theosophical centers around the world that run courses, meditation sessions, retreats, etc. Here is a list of some of them:

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