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Videos on Life After Death

Ravi Ravindra

Any spiritual seeker will have asked questions such as: Who am I?, What am I?, Is the death of my body the end of me?, and Is there anything that will endure beyond death? We will explore this subtle spiritual mystery in the light of the Rig Veda to the Bhagavad Gita of the Indian tradition and see how it differs from the Biblical tradition.

Presented on November 16, 2017

Tim Boyd

A central fact of life is that all living things experience death. For the reincarnating being the experience of death is something that has been repeated countless times. Why then is this common experience so widely misunderstood and feared?


LIFE after DEATH Does EXIST: Scientists reveal Shock Findings from Groundbreaking Study.


Video discussing After Death States

A Brief Outline of the After Death States as Postulated by the Theosophical Teachings presented by Dave Marsland of Cardiff Theosophical Society.

What Happens When We Die - a video with Geoffrey Farthing

Theosophy UK What happens when we die. Thanks to Geoffrey Farthing and the Blavatsky Trust for the making of this film exploring the esoteric teachings of the after death states and processes preceding rebirth.

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