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Videos Relating to Science

Tim Boyd

IONS 2015 Conference at Chicago

Institute of Noetic Science held their 16th International Conference in Chicago. Tim Boyd was an invited speaker.

Dr José Foglia,

‘Neurophysiology of Compassion’

Dr José Foglia, NeurologistUruguay

Dr Sangeeta Menon


‘Beyond the Brain: The Unifying Force of Consciousness’

Dr Sangeeta Menon, Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore  

Getting to the Heart of the Matter by Elana Dovaksantos

A presentation by Elena Dovaksantos: Since the publication of HP Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine about 130 years ago, modern theories in science, particularly in cosmology, are starting to parallel some of the Secret Doctrine teachings. What do they reveal about the source of all existence? How does knowing this help us to understand ourselves and make a difference in our lives?

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