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E-books by George Arundale

The Lotus Fire

The book consists of notes taken at the time of my own personal explorations in a field in which I had long been keenly interested, explorations which were fortunate enough to have the guidance of One whose discoveries in innumerable fields have constituted Him a Master of the Wisdom of Life.


This book is emphatically not a guide to the awakening of Kundalini. On the other hand, there is an aura encircling all rightful experiments and experiences, which can be conveyed even through the medium of print.



THE following chapters are reprinted from a series of Correspondence Studies on At the Feet of the Master which I have been writing for the last two years on behalf of members of the Order of the Servants of the Star.

The Way of Service by G Arundale

In this little book will be found a few hints on the art of service which I have gathered from my elders and from my own experience.

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